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Every Friday, Orca will feature an Emoji that relates to Finance, because what is better than having an excuse to use Emoji's. Emoji Finance © 2016 All rights reserved

Emoji Finance Friday©: Mutual Funds

Let us break this down 

1. You give some money to a mutual fund 

2. They have researchers that manage the fund

3. Who have ideas to divide your money 

4. And split them through various companies 

5. Like Apple, Watermelon, and Lemon #beyonce 

6. You own parts of these companies in one fund

7. This all equals a mutual fund 

Now let us piece this together, you decided to invest some money in a mutual fund, the mutual fund is managed by researchers who have ideas on how to divide your money up and spread them amongst other companies, represented by fruits such as apple, watermelon and lemon, queen bey would approve. Now by being in the mutual fund you own a little piece of all these companies, which diversifies your risk because they are all owned by one mutual fund! #resteasy

Mutual Funds 101: As Explained Through Dating 

Yes, dating. Something we have all done either a lot or a little of, now I want you to think about all the qualities that you look for in someone you date; determination, smart, athletic, creative, etc.… You would have all these diverse qualities that you look for and not everyone will have the same diversification that you have dated, but you still may have dated them. Now, these qualities that these people had were not given to them, they were taught, almost professionally managed to have these qualities that are built inside of them. Finally, when you look to date someone, especially for the long term, you want to feel safe and reassured that they are not going anywhere, yes they will make you happy and sad but you never want to be burned by them or go crazy high with them, over time you want it to be steady.

So, what is a mutual fund? It is like that long term boyfriend or girlfriend that you want as a lifetime partner that carries all the diversified qualities that you look for. A mutual fund will often be mixed with other funds, or stocks or bonds, offering you as an investor, a way to buy into a very diversified portfolio for a lower cost. Sure, it will never go crazy high on you but it will also usually never crash and burn on you just like someone that you want to date for a long time. The only downside is that there are often higher fee’s associated with being in a mutual fund, but hey what relationship isn’t costly, and you get to choose who you want to invest with just like who you want to date. So here is to finding the perfect match for your investment!

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