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20K Magic In The Dow 🎶

But First? What is the Dow Jones, click here 

The Dow keeps climbing and climbing and we have a hit a new high 20,000! #blessed But why is this happening and what does this mean for us Orcas?

The Stats

• Dow was up 13% in 2016

• Top stock picks by sources like Barron all fall within the DOW 

• Dow has been climbing in our “bull” market 

The Trump Affect (Remember Markets react to news) 

• Trump wants to deregulate financial institutions which shot them up 38% in the DOW

• Trump is “pro business” which has given the 98% confidence in investing 

• Trump is de-regulating corporation as well, which is giving investors hopes of more money in America. 

• Trump has signed executive orders to boost up stocks like pipelines and older industry stocks

Why We Care 

• Understanding that not all stocks are up and just the Trump admiration stocks like financial industries, defense, and small cap stocks is key. This way we know where to invest and not to freak out over the momentum of the market. 

• Not getting up in the moment but understand the components that are helping the market go up, there are still plenty of stocks that have gone down. 

This is what we call an Orca market, no we are not bulls we are not bears, we don’t react to the little bit of news, we are Orca’s we gather all of our resources and strategically approach the market, we see what sectors stand to profit from our new administration and tactically approach the market. Welcome to a new market the Orca market where no matter what comes about the Bear or the Bull we are positioned for any waves. #whalepunny

Some experts from Wharton claim this is a rally that will continue, as high as 25,000 but expect slower growth. What do you think? Leave your response here

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