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Futures and Election 2016 Update

Most of you are probably watching the election results right now or getting updates on your phone, maybe making memes, or seeing the status updates on Facebook.  Regardless you have probably seen the title “Markets tumbling” “Dow Jones futures down over 600 points” and “US dollar is down”. 

Side Note: Futures: contract to buy or sell a quantity at a certain date in the future, at a determined price by the two parties. 

Orca wants to get you quickly up to speed to you know what is going on 

• The political uncertainty of Donald Trump's plan is throwing investors for a loop 

• Investors are predicting the market to fall because of the potential overhaul of Donald Trump’s economic plans (refer to our economic policies article see Trumps plan that is predicted to add 2.3 Trillion of debt) 

• The peso's have fallen about 10% due to the talks about Donald Trump building a wall 

• Euro and Pound have both risen against the Dollar on worries of our currency weakening, again due to political uncertainty of Mr. Trumps trade polices 

• Nasdaq future is also down 4% 

This is the information we know so far, it is time for our country to unite and understand our economic future. We here at Orca stay calm in these situations and educate ourselves on strategic investments, stay tuned the next couple days to understand the Orca way of understanding the market and our future. 

For now, enjoy your night toast to the election circus almost being over and don’t do anything in haste; like move to Canada, their website is down anyway! #orcaplanning 

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