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Marketapocalypse 2016

Wait, so all that drama of futures and the Dow Jones down over 700 points was wiped away this morning? It was like the stock market broke up and went out and drank the night away, drunk texting all of its ex’s and overreacting to any news, final woke up and realized that life moves on and today is a new day to focus on yourself not the election! #imnotsorry So Orcas let’s continue to swim, let’s unite and be the smart, playful creatures we are. Let’s understand where some opportunities can lie. This is for education purposes and by no means investment advice. Think of a Mama Orca teaching her calf how to hunt in a new environment, I know adorable right? 

Don’t know what Dow Futures are and what happened last night click here 

With the early polls showing Hillary Clinton winning the presidency the market seem to be steady, as they knew what to expect. Although as the night went on, Trump started winning more and more states, because of this the market initially reacted in a downward trend as they were still not sure what was about to happen as well as what the house and the senate would look like.  Finally, at the end of the night the house, senate, and president all became republican, with Hillary conceding. Investors felt somewhat at ease and futures started to return to normal leading the market to a normal opening.  

Yes, it almost looked like it was about to be Black Friday in the market today but that did not happen. So how can you be a smart investor at this time? Anybody can buy things when market is down especially if you have an iron stomach, but few understand Trump’s political and economic plans that will lead to finding value to build your portfolio

• Infrastructure & Industrial Markets (Trump wants to create jobs and build infrastructure) 

• Defense Stocks (Trump has pledged to spend more on military and fight ISIS) 

• Big Corporation with lots of money overseas (Trump wants to lower the corporate tax rate to 15%, which could sway companies to bring their money back into the states) 

Orca’s don’t freak out, we stay calm and look for opportunities by educating ourselves. Want to learn more about the economic future reach out here. Or want personal advise specific to you, reach out here and we will put you in touch with our partnered advisers who have been working overtime to ready our new era. 

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