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Quick Update: Boeing, Trump and Twitter hang out and lose $550 Million

550 Million dollars, that is how much the thumbs of our future president elect lost for Boeing shareholders in a matter of minutes. Yes, a little blue bird affected the stock that much! 

Quick Recap

•Trump tweeted at 5:52 AM EST about Boeings new Air Force One plane costing around 4 billion dollars… “Cancel the order”

•Immediately Boeing stock lost 1.4% as the market reacted to the tweet

•That equaled to a loss of about $557.2 million in market cap (overall value) 

•Trump continued talk to the press after the tweet calling out Boeing 

•Boeing released a statement saying they look forward to working with the new president and that the two airforce ones are estimated to cost closer to $1.6 Biliion #rollinginmyairforceone

•Since the initial tweet the stock has regained and is up by a little 

This is a perfect example of how the stock market is effected by news and like mentioned in a previous article how they are like a bunch of gossipy teenagers. Yes, Trump exaggerated the cost of Air Force One but at the end of the day, shareholders need to be more confident. They are not because no one really knows what is real or not, so they end up reacting. 

Real or fake news can effect the market for a moment but once the dust settles everything will stabilize. You should not and can not freak out when the market takes dips like these. 

The Orca way is to stay calm, gather all the proper information and be smart about your investments. Just because the water is rough does not mean we head the other way, we dive deeper! #justkeepswimming 

Note: This is not a recommendation to buy Boeing stock and is for educational purposes only 

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