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Emoji Finance Friday: Unicorn

 Let us break this down 

1. You have an idea in your garage

2. You raise money from angel/venture capitalist investors 

3. Who predict you are worth lots of money 

4. News outlets “freak out” and value your private company 

5. At over a Billion dollars, while still private 

Now, let us piece it together; first you come up with an idea and start your company in your garage. Then you go out and pitch to angel/venture capitalist investors who give you money for a projected value of your company. Now the news media starts to freak out over your potential value as a company even though they don’t know your revenue. Finally, you are associated with being worth over a BILLION dollars and therefore associated with being a Unicorn. Congratulations, welcome to the most exclusive club in Silicon Valley 🙌.

Unicorn, is a private company that has been valued over a billion dollars by the investment world, even though no one actually knows their real revenue. This is why they have been associated with the mystical creature that is a unicorn.  They are rare and hard to find. No real concrete evidence that they exist, but if you believe in them, then they do exist! 

Keys To Remember 🔑

• Private Company 

• Valued at over 1 Billion Dollars 

Some of our favorite companies are Unicorns 

• Uber

• AirBnb 

• Snapchat (Check out article and how they just filed for IPO)

• SpaceX

• Pinterest 

• Spotify 

• Instacart 

So, are you the next Unicorn? Orca Financial and our partners specialize in planning for start-up companies and helping you understand your company’s finances for investors, contact us here to learn more.

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