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The 25 Billion Dollar Ghost In the Room

Snapchat, the little yellow ghost that found its way into all our hearts is finally going to file for IPO under their parent company Snap Inc. (don’t know what IPO is click here). The early reports are stating that Snap Inc. can debut with a $25 billion dollar valuation, yes BILLION. Is it worth it? 

The Facts

• Revenue in 2016 is expected to be around $360 Million 

• 2017 expected revenue is $1 Billion 

• 41% of users are between ages of 18-34 (YAY ORCA’s) 

• Average usage is 25-30 minutes a day… (Those are a lot 10-second videos!)

• Companies are flocking to advertise on Snapchat because of high engagement 

• Recent launch of “Spectacles” shows diversification 

• Evan Spiegel (CEO) has been clear that they are much more than a messaging app

• Facebook recently announced that it has hit a peak advertising load, and Snap looks to profit from the advertisers that will come to them. 

These are just some of the quick facts that we at Orca have found while swimming around. I must admit I was a disbeliever when Snapchat turned Facebook down for a 3 Billion Dollar buy out a few years ago, but I for one have been very impressed with the way Snap has grown and diversified. 

Evan Spiegel is looking to make Snap a camera company and not just a messaging service.  Which means the future of products from Snap could be very promising, and his fiancé Miranda Kerr, a powerhouse supermodel, looks to have her fingerprints all over the design of Spectacles. With her having her own leading name in the fashion world, the use cases for Snapchat keep getting more and more promising. #powercouple 

As more information comes out about the Snap, Orca will release it and keep our readers up to date on all things Snap. This by no means is a recommendation to buy Snap Inc. and is a means for education purposes; it is up to you after reading the facts to determine that. If you would like to learn more about IPO investments or how you could start to invest, please reach out here. So keep up the dog filters, and enjoy snapping because the one thing that won’t be disappearing anytime soon is Snapchat’s’ revenue. 

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