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Warren Buffet Alert: Buffet Rolls-back on WalMart

As the market is in a change Orca would like to introduce a new segment called Buffet Alerts, as many of you know Warren Buffet is the “Oracle of Omaha” but in my mind he is the godfather of the stock market, and truly a visionary that we Orca’s should learn and understand from. With the recent political changes Mr. Buffett has been very busy and we will be highlighting some of his bigger moves. So enjoy our first alert ablout WalMart below. 

Remember the little smiley face Emoji that used to “roll-back” the prices at WalMart, I mean we all grew up singing the jingle but looks like Warren Buffet is rolling back his investment in WalMart, that is a $900 million roll-back! Don’t think our little Emoji friend is smiling anymore. 

Warren Buffet, is one of the most successful investors of all time, self-made and worth over $70 Billion, many regard him as a strategic smart investor and is always looking for opportunities. Picture him as the wise old Orca that we learn from. At the end of the day it is your decision to follow; but nothing wrong with watching what he does. 

So what is going on here, and how is the market reacting; WalMart did initially drop after the news but has since regained a little, a lot of investors follow what Warren Buffet does and knowing that the market is all about supply and demand, stocks that have him invested attract attention and tend to do better over the mid to long run.  


• WalMart shares have fallen over 21% since 2014 

• Losing out to online e-commerce like Amazon 

• WalMart online sales were only 13.7 Billion in 2015 compared to retailers like Amazon that had 107 Billion. 

• Overall WallMart still sells more than Amazon but as online shopping becomes the norm, investors are scared that in person sales will decrease 

Regardless, the godfather has spoken and online shopping is a true scare for these retail stores that are too slow too catch-up.  Join us next time for our Buffet Alert! 

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