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O-R-C-A-S Method

Consultation:  We understand that finding a financial planner and getting to that next step can be tricky and navigating this world can be confusing that is why we of offer a free 15-minute face time or chat with any first time users with our partner advisers.

The ORCA difference, not only have we developed unique portfolios for our clients and strategies but we have a method that we believe in. Below outlines the Orca Method.

The ORCAS process:

O: Organize

R: Roadmap

C: Capture Notes

A: Analyze

S: Sustain

Organize: Our first sit down “get to know each other meeting” This 30-40 minute introductory meetings is where we explain the process, and get a feel for how we would work together as partners in your financial success and finally confirm that we are a good match.

Capture Notes:  (The “gathering of information” meeting”) Usually our second meeting where we check out where exactly you are and where you want to be heading. What are your dreams? Goals? Fears? What has worked or has not worked in the past?... Our favorite meeting as it is open book meeting and we enjoy understanding exactly where our clients come from and where they want to go.

Analyze: “behind the scenes” Once we have learned all about you and your financial situation we take the time to analyze your information and come up with a plan and some options for you going forward.

Roadmap: (“Our ideas and guidelines”) We review with you where you are, where you want to go, and discuss ways of helping you get there. This is the big picture plan s well as all the details from how much to invest or how to get to a certain goal like “buying a house” or what to do with my current 401K plan, and even okay how much emergency funds should I have set aside and even I want to travel to world, we will guide you through our map that we have custom made for you.  After, we have agreed on a plan, we then help you implement this plan.

Sustain: “Keep going” Now we do not want to leave you hung and dry after we show you how to reach your goals. We at Orca believe in partnerships with our clients and want to be there throughout the process of your financial success. We will do review meetings, and have regular communication making sure we are on track and take advantage of market situation as they come about.

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