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WestWorld And The Market

$40,000 a day! Yes, that is the cost to enter WestWorld per a day! Now we wanted to take a quick break from investing articles, finance education, and Trump policies to have some fun about one of our new favorite shows WestWorld. Now, what could you do with $40,000 a day, and share a little compound interest with that money to see how much money the “Man in Black” could have made instead of trying to solve Arnold’s insane game. 

Side Note: William says in episode 2 that he is paying” $40,000 per a day to escape”

What does $40,000/day get you?

•Ability to interact with all the “hosts” 

•Luxury hotel accommodation 

•Five star rated service 

•Unlimited drinks 

•Immortality inside WestWorld (although you still feel pain) 

•The “joys” of playing the game 

What does $40,000 get you today (2016)

•A brand new Mercedes or BMW (3series or C class) 

•Less than a years tuition at Harvard, USC, Purdue

•A round-trip first class ticket on Emirates Airlines from NYC to Dubai (Ya, the plane with the bar and lounge area) 

•2 courtside tickets to the 2016 NBA finals game 7

•Roughly 19,000 hamburgers from In-N-Out (Food Coma) 

•One night stay at the Four Season Penthouse in NYC 

•2004 investment into Facebook, which would now equal roughly $185 Million #timetravelanyone? 

The "Man in Black” seems to spending the most, lets say he stays for one week that is $280,000, now remember our two friends Dollar Cost Average and Compound Interest?  Let’s say his money compounds at 7% weekly? How much money would he have made if he stayed 1 month? 

*1 month cost=$1.12 Million 

Leave your answer here, we will follow up next week on our facebook page with the answer! 

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